Walking is the way to go at the Summit. Here are a couple of pointers for taking care of your feet while getting around the 2019 World Scout Jamboree:

It Is All About the Shoes
While hiking boots provide more support and warmth, shoes that provide support to keep your ankle from twisting will best suit you for activities at the Summit. Each is designed to be comfortable for general use yet rugged enough for anything from rock climbing to mountain biking. Since some trails may be damp or muddy, consider shoes that are waterproof.

Another Secret
Camp shoes such as sandals, flip-flops, or water shoes are best worn around your campsite or in the showers. Use these types of shoes to give your other shoes a chance to dry out in the sun. Water shoes can also be used for whitewater rafting and shower shoes.

Foot Care
Keep your feet dry and warm. Be sure to dry between your toes and keep your toe nails trimmed. If your feet develop blisters, follow best first aid practices. Use moleskin or suitable cushions to prevent further blistering. For foot injuries, such as cuts and bruises, follow best first aid practices and get medical attention as necessary (severe cuts, potential broken bones, etc.).

For more information go to the 2019 WSJ app – Guidebook – Health and Safety – Foot Care.

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