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Living in the 21st Century

As individuals, it is hard to change the world; but, as we’ve learned through Scouting, if enough talented minds come together to solve problems and share ideas with one another, then small, incremental progress can become huge leaps.

Come explore Living in the 21st Century to learn skills and to generate ideas about the workforce of the future, natural exploration, media communications, modes of transportation, and the food industry. You, along with your new friends from around the world, can discover how to be better global citizens in the years to come and perhaps develop these activities into hobbies or careers.

How can you be the change you want to see in the world?

Our programs include:


LOCATION: Conservation Trail and Boulder Cove

Unleash your curiosity, journey across Goodrich Lake, and propel yourself up the trail to Exploration. Come see what tomorrow can bring! Exploration pushes back the frontiers of the unknown. From traveling where we have never been before, to observing, investigating, and collecting new information, and developing new resources and technology that will allow us to expand the limited of knowledge from space to great depths underwater.

EXPLORING OUR GROUND: Dig into how and where minerals and metals are found, and the processes involved in making them into critical ingredients for daily life. Discover the wide variety of career fields that mining encompasses – geology, chemistry, engineering, manufacturing, data analytics, and more – and how modern mining tackles the challenges of safety, sustainability, and social responsibility.

EXPLORING ON FOOT: What does it take to hike long distances? Come test your knowledge about maps, plants, animals, hiking skills, and trail ethics as you team up with other Scouts to hike 2,190 miles from Georgia to Maine along the Appalachian Trail. Come meet people who have made the trip and share your ideal trek!

BRING YOUR OUTDOOR ETHICS – LEAVE NO TRACE: Come learn how to check for bears, toss a Bear Bag Rocket, solve the Trash Timeline, and take a short break in one of the camping hammocks we use for Low-Impact Camping as we talk about Leave No Trace.

EXPLORING OUR SPACE: We will explore how NASA sees the universe with infrared eyes from a telescope high the in the atmosphere installed on a jumbo jet, and will team up with the International Space Station (ISS) to design, build, and test devices that will react to the apparent weightlessness which results from free fall.

EXPLORING NEW SCIENCE: Come explore advancements in genetics, genome-editing technology, and personalized medicine that can help defeat diseases and improve existing medical treatments.

LAND NAVIGATION: Unlock the world by navigating the course with only a map and compass on hand! Orienteering and Geocaching are Treasure Hunts where everyone finds TREASURE! Is your team the fastest and the best? We’ll also be using amateur radio direction finding to locate transmitters hidden across the Jamboree site. You’ll be shown how to use a directional antenna and then set out on a course over the Summit Center to find these transmitters.

THE EXPLORATION CHALLENGE: Are you up for The Exploration Challenge? You will only have 30 minutes to solve the challenge in our Scouting Escape Room! Come find out if your team has what it takes!


LOCATION: Action Point and Cushman Family Fish Camp

When thinking about food, it is essential to look at what you eat and wonder, “where does it come from? How do we prepare it?” Come find out for yourself at the Food Program at the World Scout Jamboree! This is the place for you to share ideas about food production, consumption, and healthy choices.

At the Cushman Family Fish Camp on Goodrich Lake East, participate in outdoor activities such as casting and catch and release fishing. At Action Point, learn and experience aspects of farming, greenhouses, hydroponics, growing local food, and community gardens. Explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities like supply management problems, calculating quotas, soil and water testing, working with engineered growing areas, and building a better water pump. You can even become a ‘chef’ for a few minutes with training from a professional.

Have you ever wondered if eating insects is the answer to sustainable food supply around the world? Visit the Cricket Café, which will quickly become famous as a comfortable and fun drop-in area. Come and have a cricket!


LOCATION: The West End

Ever wondered how you will get from place to place in this rapidly changing world, impacted by advancing technology? Will flying cars or hover boards really ever become mainstream? Come to the Transportation Area within Living in the 21st Century to find out!

Transportation will showcase how engineers are planning and designing a transportation system for the next generation. Here, you can learn how people and goods were transported in the past and experience, design, and construct techniques that will affect how we move in the future. At the Transportation area, you can:

  • Challenge yourself on a driving simulator to drive safely with lots of distractions.
  • Test your ability to drive a vehicle while impaired through the Fatal Vision Goggle challenge.
  • Experience how virtual reality is helping engineers better design roads and bridges.
  • Ride a cargo bike or an electric bike to see how many in the world get around.
  • Explore how engineers are designing transportation to reduce the impact on the environment.
  • Test out your bridge design to see how much weight it can hold.
  • Experience what it is like to get around with visual and physical challenges.
  • Guess how many ton-miles are in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Knowledgeable Workforce

LOCATION: The West End

The job market in the 21st Century is rapidly evolving, due to the growing capabilities and impacts of technology, trade and economic development. If we aren’t aware of these changes, we might be left behind and potentially out of a job before we know it (or before we even start!). Come on over to the Knowledgeable Workforce and see how the next generation can adapt by learning skills and technology that will keep you at the forefront of your field.

VIRTUAL REALITY: Immerse yourself in a Virtual Reality video game! Come check out how it’s also getting adopted into more and more job fields, such as medical studies and engineering.

3-D PRINTING: Turn your wildest creations on a computer into a real-life prototype with 3-D Printing! This is the place for you to see how 3-D printing is being used to revolutionize the way companies create prototypes, manufacture products, and repair equipment.

DRONES: Everybody loves drones! Come pilot some of the most advanced aircraft where you’ll learn how automated drones are making their way into the market for shipping products directly to your homes.

JOB OUTLOOK: Explore potential careers of the future as tech becomes more and more advanced. The future is bustling with uncertainty, and, with all of these new technologies coming out, who knows what careers will be available in the near future!

MAKER SPACE / PROGRAMMABLE ROBOTS: Ever wanted to make your own circuit board? Or program a robot to dance? Or design a device that is able to communicate and work together with other devices around the Jamboree? You can figure out how to do all of that at our Maker Space!

TENT OF POSSIBILITIES: With more advancements in technology, how are we working towards creating a more inclusive workplace for those of all abilities? It is a question asked by many, and we’d love to explore that with you down at the Tent of Possibilities!

Media & Communications

LOCATION: Tillerson Leadership Center and Gateway Village

Learn about the way people from all over the world interact with communications and media in the 21st century!

In the Tillerson Leadership Center, you can use a hands-on TV studio to see how a television broadcast comes together, just like the journalists, television hosts, and technicians. We will also explore media controls around the world, from personal social media to independent vs. government media management.

In the Lonnie Poole Gateway Village, you’ll discover how to overcome obstacles to good communication such as dysgraphia, dyslexia, neuropathy, and much more to build a more inclusive world. Come discover the evolution of media technology from cave drawings to modern satellites, as well as the evolution of the telephone since its invention in 1876 to now! You’ll also be able to make a postcard to send back home during your visit to the World Scout Jamboree.

Just around the corner in another area of the Lonnie Poole Gateway Village is the Jamboree’s amateur radio station (NA1WJ), which connects us with those who couldn’t attend the jamboree in person. We’ll have ten amateur radio stations on the air talking to other stations around the world. Come get in front of the microphone yourself!

Want to talk to an astronaut? We have a planned contact with an astronaut on the International Space Station — stay tuned for the exact day and time. Stop by early and enter the drawing to be one of 15 Scouts selected to ask the astronauts a question!

Sustainability Treehouse

LOCATION: Sustainability Treehouse, Scott Summit Center

Between the local timber used to build the structure, the rainwater recovery system and the wind and solar generated energy, the Sustainability Treehouse is not just a museum, it is a living adventure and an icon of environmental stewardship!

The treehouse’s towering 125-foot Corten steel frame offers extraordinary vantage points to explore and understand the Jamboree site from the dirt beneath your feet, the canopy of trees surrounding you and the sky above. At each platform, you can learn about sustainable design, technology, and ecology through immersive experiences and hands-on exhibits, including solar panels, wind turbines, and a large water treatment system.  All of these reflect Scouting’s commitment to sustainability.

We invite you to visit the Sustainability Treehouse, located at Scott Summit Center, to discover more about environmental sustainability. The Sustainability Treehouse is open during all normal program hours.

Embark on a physical expedition as you consider the personal journey of committing to sustainability stewardship and how best you can advocate for a better world.

Listen to the podcasts in your native language as you climb the treehouse and hike the trail to gain the full experience.

1. Sustainability Treehouse Podcast

2. Sustainability Challenge Trail Podcast


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