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Cultural Celebration Day

The World Scout Jamboree is all about the meeting of people and cultures, and on Cultural Celebration Day, Friday 26 July, the jamboree site will be even more vibrant as participants will have an opportunity to experience food, dance and other activities from all over the world. All units will focus on sharing their own culture and experience others culture, too.

Morning and Afternoon: Subcamp Food & Cultural Festival
In each subcamp, units are encouraged to share their culture including music, dance, costumes, games, and food within their campsites. One of the possible ways to share your culture at the Jamboree is by sharing food, especially dishes of your homeland. Consider wearing colorful national costumes, sharing stories, songs, and art from your home, or displaying cultural or historic items that tell the story of where you come from.

Evening: Unity Show
Capping off a day of cultural celebrations, the Unity Show invites participants of the jamboree to unlock the secrets of bringing different people together for a common purpose. Respect, openness, and the courage to share with one another our personal and sacred stories will be put into practice and culminate in a cherished sense of fellowship often felt when gathered around the campfire.

Subcamps will decide how they will arrive at the Unity Show. In general, participants and units will arrive and depart as they please to enjoy the festival feel. There are no prearranged seating arrangements.

Participants will follow existing unit mobilization instructions to the stadium and back. All participants will follow the buddy system for units. For safety and courtesy reasons, flags on poles will not be permitted, including chairs and backpacks. You can bring seating pads and water bottles.

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