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Jamboree Headquarters

Jamboree Headquarters (HQ) is the central point for all Jamboree communications and a critical resource to guide you to the information, answers, and solutions you need. Before contacting Jamboree HQ, you may find the fastest and best answers by asking the experts around you.

  • Participants should ask their unit leader, activity leader, or subcamp HQ.
  • Unit leaders should contact their subcamp HQ or Contingent Management Team (CMT).
  • IST should ask their Contingent Management Team (CMT) or worksite supervisor.
  • CMT leaders should contact Contingent Support or Jamboree Headquarters.

Jamboree HQ is located at Pigott HQ Building and is open 24 hours a day.

The Host Tent in World Scout Center will have additional NSO services.

Call us at any time: (+1) 304-465-2789.

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