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All About the 24th World Scout Jamboree

What is a World Scout Jamboree?

The World Scout Jamboree is above all an educational event that brings together the world’s young people to promote peace and mutual understanding and to develop leadership and life skills.

The 24th World Scout Jamboree will feature the hallmarks of past world jamboree programs, such as the Global Development Village, special sustainability initiatives, and the socialization elements that allow participants to make lifelong friends from around the world.

Unlike any other youth event, the World Scout Jamboree invites you to surround yourself in diverse global cultures by joining your new Scouting friends at a single destination for 12 unforgettable days. The jamboree experience extends beyond your home—and beyond the boundaries of our countries—to create a global adventure that will last a lifetime!

Who Attends the World Scout Jamboree?

The 24th World Scout Jamboree is an official educational event of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). It is specifically designed for young people ages 14 to 17 years old from National Scout Organizations (NSOs), which are members of WOSM. NSOs send approved contingents of youth participants; adult unit leaders; and adult International Service Team members, who are the staff for the jamboree.

The Jamboree Hosts

This 24th World Scout Jamboree is unique because it is a team effort by Scouts Canada, Asociación de Scouts de México, and the Boy Scouts of America. Our three countries are getting ready to welcome our Scouting friends as family to “Unlock a New World.”

The Theme

Our theme, Unlock a New World, invites you to unlock new adventures, new cultures, and new friendships. The theme was originally designed by youth representatives from our three host countries, also known as the “Dream Team,” who were responsible for presenting the original bid for the 24th World Scout Jamboree. Because our jamboree is being hosted in North America, it will be defined by the cultures found in the “New World” countries of Mexico, Canada, and the USA. This jamboree will provide a different view on the Scouting movement. Holding fast to our traditions of conservation and outdoorsmanship, a jamboree in the New World is a jamboree that embraces the growing trend of leadership development and global citizenship that our movement has cultivated.

Where is the Jamboree Site?

Situated in the wilds of West Virginia, The Summit Bechtel Reserve is a training, Scouting, and adventure center for the millions of youth and adults involved in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and anyone who loves the outdoors. The Summit Bechtel Reserve is also home to the BSA’s National Scout Jamborees, and its Paul R. Christen National High Adventure Base complements the BSA’s other high adventure bases: Philmont Scout Ranch, Northern Tier and Florida Sea Base.

The Summit is a world-class, sustainable jamboree site with more than 14,000 acres (5,667 ha) of beautiful forested mountains adjacent to more than 70,000 acres (28,328 ha) of national park in the scenic New River Gorge area of West Virginia.

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