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World Point

World Point will be a major center of excitement and activity focusing on international cultures and international Scouting during the jamboree. National Scout Organizations will showcase their culture and highlight the uniqueness and pride they feel toward their countries.  By visiting each exhibit, Scouts from around the world will get to learn about different cultures; what makes them unique, and what we all have in common.

World Point will also offer stages with professional equipment for those countries who would like to perform for all to see.  We expect lots of music, dance, and cultural experiences to fill our stages daily. All participating countries are encouraged to perform.  This will also be a great opportunity for staffers from all over the world to learn new and innovative production techniques from one another.  After all, “there’s no business-like show business!”

There will be great opportunities for jamboree participants to meet and celebrate together at World Point. World Point is a great place for youth Scouts to hang out. From video games, table tennis, and cards, to backgammon, chess, and checkers, or even to just to sink into one of our soft bean bag chairs and relax with some music.

Friendship Hub

Come to the Friendship Hub to meet new friends and play some exciting games! There are a variety of games, theme days, music, and dancing all during the Jamboree, so there is something for everyone! Each day will have a special tournament for a new game, but all games are open each day of the Jamboree.

Festival of Nations

Come celebrate and appreciate what we all have in common, as well as our differences, through the Festival of Nations. Each day at World Point, you will have the chance to experience art projects, branding, and street performances as the nations of the world gather.

The Spirit of Jamborees

Since Baden-Powell developed the name JAMBOREE to describe the first international gathering of Scouts in 1920, Scouts and Scoutters worldwide have lived the “Spirit of Jamboree” in seeking peace and goodwill. In this exhibit you will explore the story of each of the 24 individual World Scout Jamborees and learn how each one has flamed that Spirit. Enjoy seeing rare and interesting Jamboree artifacts and discover an unexpected “Did You Know..” fact from each one.

World Scout Center

World Scout Center is where you will find more than 50 contingent exhibits, showing their country, culture, and way of Scouting. Through active and engaging exhibits, you will be able to both see and try things you have never ever heard of.

The World Scout Center is where you will get an international peek into Scouting adventures around the world. Many of the contingent activities will even provide you with a patch, badge, pin, sticker or high-five when you have completed their activities.

This is also an important organization hub, where members of each NSO are able to locate their Contingent Management Team.

World Showcase Stages

All the world’s a stage and you are welcome to take part and perform on our stages. Everyone is encouraged to demonstrate song, dance, or anything to showcase your nation’s uniqueness. Come be in the spotlight!

World PointTuesdayWednesdayThursday FridaySaturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 
Stage 1Stage2Stage 1Stage 2Stage 1Stage 2Cultural Celebration DayStage 1Stage 2Stage 1Stage 2Stage 1Stage 2Stage 1Stage 2Stage 1Stage 2Stage 1Stage 2
8:00 AM
8:15 AM
8:30 AMUSFleet Forces Band "Unchartered Waters" (brass band)Six-String SoldiersScout's OwnDonald GeeUSMC Popular Music Group DJ Herb
8:45 AMSinging Group
9:00 AMZoe ZoriKwahadi DancersSinging GroupBP Impression by Walker ChandlerAir Force Rock bandJambo Band
9:15 AMEssence of KoreaColumbianMatt Jones - Clarinetist
9:30 AMDance Group Zoe ZoriUSMC Popular Music Group (San Diego CA) 0930 to 11`00Sky King Raptors
9:45 AMSinging Talent Showcase
10:00 AMJamboree Pep BandSky King RaptorsBrazilian Samba Band & DanceSky King RaptorsSky King Raptors
10:15 AMKalle Willumsen MagicianSky King RaptorsDance Talent Showcase Group 2DJ NateKeatin Hertz
10:30 AMBangalore India No. 10348th Highlanders of CanadaTesla MartinsSky King RaptorsBP Impression by Walker Chandler
10:45 AMTesla Martins No. 52Mexico DanceBangalore India
11:00 AMSky King RaptorsSinging GroupMexico DanceKorean ContingentKorean ContingentMexico DanceKorean Contingent Performance No. 1Korean Contingent Performance No. 1Sky King RaptorsKorean Contingent PerformanceMexico DanceKorean Contingent Performance No. 1Sky King Raptors
11:15 AMKaraoke @ World PointLa Banda de Chile
11:30 AMEssence of KoreaBangalore IndiaKorean Contingent Performance No. 1Singing Talent Showcase Group 4Korean KarateMatt JonesKalle Willumsen Magician
11:45 AMEssence of KoreaKalle Willumsen MagicianGustavo Simoes No. 55Angola Native DanceKeatin Hertz
NoonAnish Luitel - Everest Keatin HertzBP Impression by Walker ChandlerGrape AppleKalle Willumsen MagicianLa Banda de ChileTrinidad and Tobago Steel Drum
12:15 PMHouse DJ Herb DoddsDJ Mart BultKeatin HertzMatt Jones - ClarinetistDJ NateKeatin HertzSchuhplattln
Donald GeeDance Talent ShowcaseLa Banda de Chile
12:30 PMHouse DJ Herb DoddsIndonesian ContingentSinging GroupGustavo Simoes No. 55Keatin Hertz
12:45 PMTesla Martins
1:00 PMSinging GroupKwahadi DancersDJ NateGustavo SimoesEssence of KoreaGustavo Simoes No. 55Army Band DownRange 1300 to 1500Mexico DanceGerman Native Dance
Grape Apple BandDJ Mart BultMexico Dance
1:15 PMGrape Apple Band
1:30 PMIndonesian ContingentUSFleet Forces Band "Unchartered Waters" (brass band)GrapeIndonesian ContingentGustavo Simoes
1:45 PM48th Highlanders of CanadaTaiwan ContingentDJ Mart BultAppleWind Band

Bangalore India
2:00 PMMexico DanceKorean ContingentSpace StationBandTaiwan Contingent
2:15 PMTalk 2-3p
2:30 PMMexico DancersKorean Contingent PerformanceMike Fossum Astronaut
2:45 PMTaiwan Contingent No. 28FiddlerMexico Dance
3:00 PMRehearsal Sea ScoutsKorean ContingentSix-String SoldiersSea Scouts No. 97Essence of KoreaUSMC Popular Music Group (San Diego CA) 1500 to 1630Korean Contingent Performance No. 2Arab RegionAir Force Rock bandAir Force Rock band -Wright Patterson AFB, OH 1500 1630Grape Apple BandZoe ZilaGrape Apple Band
3:15 PMKwahadi DancersEssence of Korea
3:30 PMCris WP ISTKaroke @ World Point
3:45 PM
4:00 PMKaraoke @ World PointKorean ContingentKorean ContingentKaroke @ World PointKorean Contingent Performance No. 3Korean Contingent Performance No. 3Korean Contingent Karoke @ World PointKaroke @ World Point
4:15 PM

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