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GLOBE Leadership Development Program

Energy, information, collaboration, relationships are the key to leadership – and they are the key to experiencing the GLOBE Leadership event.

GLOBE is a highly-interactive leadership development exercise that shares the leadership concepts in an engaging, fun, and informative way. This ticketed event will give groups a chance to work together to solve leadership challenges while learning some things about them at the same time.

Each group will experience an introduction to leadership, participate in a conversation about what leadership is, and and have a chance to apply what they’ve learned in an escape room challenge. At the end of the escape room activity, teams will debrief with a GameMaster who will offer some observations of the teams and how each team member can enhance their own style of leadership.

Visit GLOBE to learn about leadership topics from around the world, contribute your knowledge of leadership while learning some things about your own style and delivery.

LOCATION: Scott Summit Center, west of the AT&T Stadium stage

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