The final days of the jamboree you could see it was coming to an end. The market had leftovers, the clothes hanging dry weren’t there anymore and we as ambassadors attended the closing reception, where we received our neckers. Unfortunately some units left before the closing show or late at night (like we did) and didn’t have time to say¬†goodbye but deep down we all know we don’t have to. The thing in places like the jamboree is that you never know when or if you will see someone again so everything you say becomes so meaningful somehow. You live every moment, you never say no and you enjoy everything, even cleaning the toilets.
The last days thank you messages or mini talks were coming and go so i guess it’s my turn to say thank you to everyone who made this experience so meaningful, beautiful, special and amazing. Thanks to the global ambassadors team that was there for us 24/7, to every single ambassador and random person i met on site.
Special thanks to Alexa,Sebastian,Guiliana,Johanka,Bernardo and Yunie, miss you all a bit more.
The end? Who said there is an end?
Yew, we wached the closing ceremony (wich was marvelous), we said our goodbyes, some of us took trips afterwards, everyone is home now but that doesn’t mean it ended. We as ambassadors we have the priviledge of knowing people from almost every country that ettended and we have developed a community of GAs wich will last for many years to come. Everyone though still things about the wsj, is a different person and his mind travels to west virginia once in a while. You may not be able to physically visit the 24th World Scout Jamboree anymore but you can always take a look through our point of view. The Jamboree didn’t end, it will always be there. When we talk with a friend from the other side of the world,when we see a differrent self in our community, every time we go through the photos. Jambores never end.

the amazing ambassadors team

me alexa and bernardo with a group of friends we found when we got lost the first day
me and guiliana from colombia having exchange dinner
global ambassadors closing reception
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