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The Jamboree Wide Game!


One of the keys to Unlocking a New World at the World Scout Jamboree is right on your wrist! Upon arriving at the jamboree, each Scout, leader, and staffer will receive a high-tech wristband that will help you unlock new friendships and explore the hundreds of activities, experiences, and exhibits that are waiting for you. This wristband is the key to taking part in Novus, the jamboree wide game!

Connect with New Friends

Each jamboree attendee will have the opportunity to fill out a Novus personal profile that can contain your background, interests, and contact information – you choose what to include! Whenever you make a new friend at the jamboree — walking across the Summit, sharing a meal, waiting your turn at the zip line, or playing a game in your subcamp — all you need to do is click both of your wristbands and you’ll instantly be connected! You can use Novus to view your new friend’s profile so that you can stay connected at the jamboree and for years to come.

Explore New Adventures

We know this jamboree will introduce many new and exciting experiences! It’s our goal to turn the entire jamboree into a game that will encourage you to explore and help you make the most of your time at the Summit. All across the jamboree, adventures await that will help you explore your interests and find new ones as well! Are you interested in Outdoor Adventure? There is a set of activities that will encourage you explore adventure opportunities all over the Summit! Or perhaps Leadership Skills? Or Science and Technology?? We’ve hand-picked a series of activities and exhibits that you should check out too!

Earn Digital Badges

The best part is, by using your wristband to check-in at all these activities and meet new friends, you’ll earn points and digital Scout badges that will help you challenge yourself, compete against friends from around the world, and remember your jamboree adventure! Your Novus wristband will also create a digital timeline of everything you explored and everyone you met along the way.

Track Your Progress

You will be able to check out your timeline, digital badges, and new friends’ profiles online here through the jamboree website, and in the official jamboree app (to be released in mid-July).

Stay in Touch

With Novus, you will be able to unlock friendships and adventures at the Jamboree. But you’ll also be able to continue Unlocking a New World by using Novus to share your memories with friends back home and keep in touch with your new friends from around the globe!

Play it Safe!

Novus will provide a great opportunity to connect with new friends from around the world at the jamboree! But, just like anything you do online, please remember these important tips about staying safe while you meet new people at the World Scout Jamboree & if you choose to stay connected online after the event.

Have Questions? Read the FAQs

We know that Novus is new and exciting, and you probably have questions. Read the frequently-asked questions here.

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