Seeking IST to serve in Base Camp & IST Experience Areas

Participants to the WSJ will be camped in five Base Camps across the Jamboree. At the center of each Base Camp (and each constituent Subcamp) will be a headquarters tent. This will be the “go to” location for all housing issues and general questions about daily life at the Jamboree. Each HQ will be home to a number of senior Jamboree Planning Team members, including a Camp Chief and Deputy Camp Chief, with help from a Youth Assistant, and a Chief of Staff who oversees the support personnel. However, they cannot do it alone! They are actively recruiting for support staff members, who are excited to make this Jamboree an amazing place to stay and play. Available positions include:

  • Duty Officers — Problem-solving experts, stationed at each headquarters tent.
  • Administrators — Track camp residents and issues, to ensure quick and successful resolution.
  • Camp Maintenance Personnel — Provide minor repairs to camp infrastructure and equipment.
  • Base Camp Commissioner and Subcamp Commissioner – Quality Control Officers touring and monitoring each Subcamp to proactively address any issues.
  • Additional support personnel include our Postal Service, Lost and Found, Safety officers, Security Team, and our “Green Team” Recycling Rangers.

While the participants are at the center of all we do, that does not mean that we should ever forget to take care of our fellow IST! The IST Experience Team is also in need of dedicated volunteers to help with on-site activities. Each of the following areas will be within the IST Base Camp Echo, run by IST members for IST members:

  • IST Program Staff — Support IST on their 1 or 2 days off, offering a range of activities (both on and off-site) including: Nightly IST stage programs; Dance Tent; Hang-out Tents; Cinema; Yoga and Fitness area; Sauna; and much more!
  • IST Training Staff — Working on 27 training topics (ranging from ‘IST Expectations,’ through ‘Camp Life,’ to ‘Security & Safety’ issues) this team will support online and on-site training of IST.
  • The IST Allocation Team — Responsible for IST on-site job allocation. The IST Support Team will handle all work-related welfare issues that the IST members may have.
  • The IST Support Team — Operating a Quiet Area tent, a Listening Ear Tent, and a “Staff Service Award Badge.” For those who do not show up to work as scheduled, this team will also enforce an IST work-skip policy!

None of these activities run themselves! We need IST volunteers who can help us put these on. To see all available IST EXPERIENCE Positions, visit the IST Volunteers page, click on  Position Descriptions and scroll down to IST Experience Office, IST Subcamp Program, IST Training, IST Allocation and IST Support and click on them to learn more about the types of roles available on these teams.

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