The Safe from Harm training is now available in all three languages: English, French and Spanish.

Currently there are 6,100 registered users with 3,163 adults who have completed their Safe from Harm certification.

Access the training at

Reminder: All adults age 18 and older are required to complete Safe from Harm training before they will be admitted to the jamboree. You must print the Safe from Harm certificate at the end of the training modules to show and expedite your registration process to receive your credential at the WSJ.


1) HOCs and NSOs must ensure that all adults (Unit Leaders, IST, JYPT and CMT) complete the SfH training prior to arriving at the Jamboree. If they do not complete the training before arrival, they will be directed to the Training Tent (or alternate facility) and remain there until they are SfH certified. This will be strictly enforced and for Unit Leaders will result in delays in reconnecting with their Units.

2) Those who still need to complete the training need to read How to Take Training Guide and Registration – Please review the guide prior to attempting training courses.

3) For those who were notified by Adobe that they had to take the training after receiving the completion email need to know that the WSJ 2019 is not responsible for the Adobe issue and Adobe has taken responsibility and has fixed the problem. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but you still need to complete the training.

NOTE: Completion certificates for 15 April 2019 will not be honored.

4) For those having problems with the system should read the FAQs before sending in a problem report.

For any issues, not resolved by reading the FAQs can forward them to the helpline at

This page is also available in: EspañolFrançais

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