Today, wow, today.
Today was the most amazing day since I come  in America.
When we woke up, it was pretty early, the earliest since we come. But, truth is, the earlier you get up, the more time you get and the funnier and more interesting day it will be.
First of all, we went to sign up for the BIG ZIP.
Big zip, one of the main things in the reserve, the king of the activities.
We had to wait for 2 hours to go up to the zip, so my friends and I decided to go, and do some other activities until than.
Fun fact, our group of friends counted 4, and we all were from different coutries (Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro).
It was really good thing, because all of us used to get know a little bit more about others. I just love it.
We went to Global Development Village.
Gloval Developmemt Village is place where you must go and visit the most of the stands.
There are so many interesting activities, where we use to learn more about our society, real problems that we have in it, and some companies and projects that can help us make a difference as scouts.
Also, we can get to know more about Sustainable Development Goals, one really big project in which scouts have to invest all of their energy and ideas to make a GLOBAL CHANGE.
When we finished some activities such one on the WWF stand and on HEFORSHE stand, we climbed up for the king of big zips, BIG ZIIIP!
It was an incredible experience, it wasn’t that scary, because the view was that beautiful that in one moment I wished I can be a bird, to have a chance to look on a world from that perspective every single day.
After the real king of the zips, we went on the Brownsea Island.
It was pleasure to have to see what kind of activities did our chief Robert made for his first  scouts.
I learned how to use stick in fight, and I think that I can do it very fast, and that if  practice every day, I will be the first-fastest-stick-woman.
So thank you, Robert Baden Powell for your creativity, good ideas, kind wishes, and thank you for making this such a great movement.
Thank you chief, for all my scout friends.
After all of that, we found some time for chilling before we get back to camp. We had chance to listen to The First World Scout Jamboree’s Band. Thay were veeeery good, and I’m looking forwards to maybe in the future,  play in one of these.
Did you already have your best day? Or
maybe in your case, every day is the best day.
Please, if tou have any questions, feel free to ask on [email protected], and let me know how you spend your days.y
I hope you enjoy your Jamboree and your vacations.
Hope to write you soon,
Milica 🙂
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