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Arrival and Departure Information

Arriving at the Jamboree

All arrivals must stop at the Ruby Welcome Center where registrations will be verified, adults will present their Safe From Harm training certificates, and everyone will be issued their Jamboree IDs.

J.W. and Hazel Ruby West Virginia Welcome Center
55 Hazel Ruby Lane
Mt. Hope, WV 25880

A quick health screening form and other documents will be completed before heading onto the site. Participants should stay on their buses during the registration process and will be taken to the site on the same bus by which they arrived at Ruby.

Separate transportation to the jamboree site will be provided for ISTs.

Access to the Jamboree site is strictly controlled and is fully closed to personal vehicles.

Unit Campsite Set-Up
A young adult IST will board each participant bus and serve as a welcoming guide. These young ISTs are part of the Rover Brigade and will be facilitating social and cultural experiences throughout your jamboree experience. As you travel through the jamboree site, your guide will help point out important locations around camp. They will do their best to answer any questions you may have and will become your first jamboree friend!

Once you have arrived at your campsite, you can unload your bags and begin setting up camp. Markers will border your campsite location and there will be even more helpful staff to assist you with setting up camp. Each unit will construct their campsite following the layout provided.

Upon arriving, there will be large containers with heavy plastic covers in each campsite. This is your official jamboree unit equipment kit. Save these covers until the end of the event, as you will need them to repack your equipment at the end of the jamboree. This includes your two-person tents and your in-tent cots; both are ready for assembly. These tents should be the first priority of the unit so that you can store your personal equipment. Be careful not to damage the tent fabric with the tent poles.

A separate container will have your kitchen equipment, complete with a dining tent and dining tarp for the kitchen area. At the end of the jamboree, you will be asked to repack all of this equipment back into the pallets / containers neatly. The tents are yours to take home.

Arrival Day Food Instructions
Each unit has an assigned Food Market in their base camp. Consult the jamboree site map for each location. Arrival day food shopping can occur at any time between 09:00 and 19:00. The first meal that units will shop for is dinner. To learn more about regular Food Market hours and how to shop, visit the Food, Cooking, and Cleaning page.

Departing from the Jamboree

Leaving our campsite and new friends will be hard, but it also marks the next chapter of our new adventure. Make sure you are prepared and ready to head off by following these instructions.

Departure Transportation
The official departure day for participants is Friday, August 2. Depending on travel plans and connections, departures may need to take place on August 1. All arrivals and departures at the jamboree will occur through TMS (Transportation Management Services). Contingents must coordinate in advance.

The official IST departure period is 24 hours long, between Friday, August 2 at 13:00 and Saturday, August 3 at 13:00.

Packing Up Your Campsite
When you arrived, your campsite included large pallets / containers with heavy plastic covers that contained all of your Jamboree Unit Kit equipment. Neatly inside of these containers were your beds, kitchen equipment, and other important camp items. The tents are yours to take home. Shipping these tents is your contingent’s responsibility.

We must now neatly repack these items into the same boxes, ensuring that they are clean and in good working order. Please clean tents and shake out any dirt (keeping the poles attached for this helps). As Scouts, we must take care of our equipment and help make sure that others will find it as nice as you did.


  1. Take out the plastic cover from the inside of the containers, which you folded when you arrived.
  2. Pack into your container all the originalequipment that you were issued.
  3. Place inside your container any bottles (used or unused) that were originally issued to you. Close caps and tops securely to avoid spilling.
  4. Place your container on the edge of your campsite and cover it with the thick plastic cover.
  5. If you have good and usable personal items that you do not wish to take home, please place these in baskets located in the shower houses. These items will be cleaned and made available to benefit the local community. The items mentioned above could be:
    • Unwanted clothing
    • Shoes and boots
    • Camping equipment and supplies
    • Partial or full containers of cleaning supplies
    • Partial or full containers of toiletries

Unit Departure Food Instructions
Departure breakfast will be served between 05:00 and 07:00. Units will not shop on this day. Unit representatives will pass through a line at their Unit Food Market and select the items they wish to pick up for their unit. This is more like a buffet and the normal Grubmaster app points system will not apply. To learn more about regular Food Market hours and how to shop, visit the Food, Cooking, and Cleaning page.

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