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Credentials and Identification

Who is Who at the World Jamboree

Your Jamboree Identification (ID) badge and Jamboree neckerchief are essential to Jamboree life. They display who you are and control access to the site, food, and activities.

You must display your Jamboree ID at all times and show it when asked to do so by appropriate staff. Losing your ID may pose a risk because someone else could use it for harm. If not worn around the neck for safety reasons (activities, showering, swimming, etc.), it should be somewhere secure and nearby.

If you lose your Jamboree ID, please tell your unit leader, visit your subcamp HQ, or contact the Jamboree HQ directly.

All contractors, vendors, and visitors on-site during the Jamboree must wear a Jamboree ID too. We all can help make the Jamboree safer by ensuring that we always wear our official Jamboree ID and neckerchief and by asking others to do the same. Please report suspicious persons and remember that visitor access at the Jamboree site is restricted to Scott Summit Center.

Jamboree ID Colors and Novus Wristbands

  • Youth Participants — Red
  • Adult Leaders — Blue
  • Contingent Management, International Service Team, and Jamboree Planning Team — Purple

Jamboree Neckerchief Colors

Youth Participants — Red
You are one of more than 29,000 youth members at the Jamboree! Everything happening at the Jamboree is for you to enjoy.

Adult leaders and Contingent Management Team (CMT) — Blue
Your units each have four adult leaders. Each National Scout Organization (NSO) has provided a number of CMTs to help support these unit leaders and overall Jamboree preparation.

International Service Team (IST) — Gray
From each NSO, thousands of adult IST members are providing their support as Jamboree volunteers. Together we are ~10,000 and make the Jamboree possible.

Jamboree Planning Team (JPT) — Purple
For the past seven years, a few select volunteers have helped prepare the logistics, programs, operations, administration, physical site, and other details. They lead the ISTs, CMTs, and our external partners. Thank you to these dedicated and experienced Scouters from around the world!


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