The Food House program is a longstanding tradition at World Scout Jamboree. Countries can have food houses, where they cook and serve their traditional food. This year, 11 countries convened to organize the food houses and let everyone taste a part of their culture. The three hosting countries United States, Canada, and Mexico each have a food house. South America is further represented by Chile, Brazil, and Colombia. European countries include Italy, Germany, Holland, Portugal, and the UK.

Visiting a food house is not only a tasteful experience, but also a way to learn about a culture. Spices and different cooking methods can be experienced. A great example is how you can feel the love and patience the Italians have while cooking – they will not be stressed. “Although I had to stay in line for a while, it was worth it,” a common sentiment among attendees.

All visitors and Jamboree attendees can try food from all over the world and try things they have never had before. Visitors from Houston, Texas visited the German, Columbian, and Dutch food tents for lunch and enjoyed the German pork sandwich, a Columbian chicken and rice dish, and Dutch stroopwaffles drizzled with caramel. The lines were long but everyone was in good spirits.
A youth visiting for day had a pizza roll from the German food house and declared “it was great!” and she would have it again.

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