Question: How will you deal with the visitors visiting the World Scout Jamboree Site? How will foreign visitors needing transportation access the site?

Answer: Visitor day passes will available for purchase in 2019, and will allow access to many of the jamboree’s fun activity areas — including World Point, the Global Development Village, Centro Mondial, the International Food Houses, the Sustainability Treehouse, and the Scott Visitors Center featuring the Summit Trading Post, lockers, restrooms, and more! To get on the jamboree site, visitors will need to first make their way to the Summit’s Ruby Welcome Centre, 55 Hazel Ruby Lane, Mt Hope, WV 25880. 

Question: Is there a way to purchase souvenirs from the shop in advance to then collect on site, rather than pay for shipping fees to around the world?

Answer: We are working on this! There will of course be on-site shops open during the Jamboree — including one right inside of the IST basecamp, but we are working to ensure IST also are able to order ahead and pick up their gear.

Question: Do participants have to pay to go on all the cool rides I have been seeing on-line? (Zip Line, SCUBA, etc.)

Answer: No way! All activity centers are open to participants, free of charge. IST may be able to enjoy the high-adventure activity centers during select times. All IST programs in the basecamp are also free.

Question: What is a good solar charger that will last at the jamboree?

Answer: Some IST choose to bring solar chargers to use at their tent. High-quality solar panel chargers available from reputable outdoor gear or technology retailers should work just fine. You may also use the solar power that the Jamboree site itself collects! There are mass charging stations everywhere, more than enough for everyone.

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