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IST Camp Life

Most ISTs will be living in Base Camp E (named “Ephesus” after the historic city in Turkey). This base camp will have four subcamps, all named for World Heritage sites:

  • Subcamp E1—Everglades (a national park in the USA)
  • Subcamp E2—Ellora (caves in India)
  • Subcamp E3—Ennedi (a plateau in Chad)
  • Subcamp E4—El Tajin (a pre-Hispanic city in Mexico)

The IST Campsite

Tents are arranged by NSO. In special cases, you may live with other members of your work team if there is a special need for you to live together (like safety or medical). Tents will be clearly numbered and already be set up when you arrive. ISTs will need to set up their own bunk bed. Each tent will house three to four ISTs. Please ask your CMTs for further tenting assistance. If they are unable to assist, there will be an IST Help Desk in each subcamp to answer your camping questions and a main office at the base camp HQ.

As with all base camps and subcamps at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, IST campsites have access to:

Special Accommodations

It may be the case that your position requires you to live away from your NSO tent grouping. You may live in base camps Agra Fort or Blenheim Palace or be with many of the medical staff in base camp Fort Jesus. This will be communicated well in advance. If you are living outside of the main IST base camp, you will have your own IST food options. But we encourage you to attend the special programs being led in Ephesus.

Laundry Services

To make sure that ISTs have clean clothing all jamboree long, the Operations Team is working to provide a variety of laundry options. ISTs always have access to the large built-in wash sinks outside of shower houses. Additional options may include off-site transport to local wash facilities, onsite laundry machines, or other helpful solutions. These are being finalized and will be shared before or during the jamboree. Visit Base Camp Ephesus HQ for additional information.

Quiet Hours

There is a curfew (time to be in your tent) between the hours of 23:00 and  05:00. Breakfast begins at 05:00, so please be considerate of your neighbors and be understanding if some need to wake early. Additionally, many ISTs may return home late. Please make sure you look after yourself and get sufficient sleep each day. We expect everyone to respect their neighbor campers and keep to this curfew. The Stewards Team will be patrolling the area during the night to help you observe this quiet time. For those who need to sleep during daylight hours, there is a special quiet area. Normal tents will be too hot to sleep in during the daytime, so alternative arrangements have been made.

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