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Shower Houses and Toilets

Each subcamp has a variety of facility types for participants and IST. This includes flush toilets, air-temperature showers, and cold-water sinks with mirrors. Each shower house will contain at least one squatting toilet. Personal bidet bottles will also be available.

Supplies for the showers and toilets will be resupplied daily and the facilities will be cleaned daily by an external company. If a drain or toilet is clogged or if you find other damage in the shower building, please notify the subcamp staff so that it can be fixed.

  • For showers, use only the water that you need.
  • Check carefully for all personal items before leaving.
  • Please clean up all personal trash.
  • The shower building should not be used as a charging station.
  • For women, please place discarded feminine hygiene products in the small can provided in each bathroom stall. Do not flush them in the toilets as this causes problems for the wastewater system.

Safe from Harm Rules

Toilets and showers are clearly marked for separate use by males or females. Clear markings at shower house entrances will also note whether the bathroom is for youth (14-17 years old) or adults (18+ years old). You must use the appropriate shower house and toilet facilities for your age and gender.

If further accommodations need to be made for you or a member of your unit, to ensure that all are supported, please contact your subcamp or base camp HQ.

Sustainable Hygiene

Shower buildings at the Summit Bechtel Reserve are built to be sustainable. The buildings are constructed from timber from this property that was milled locally. The buildings use a water recycling system that captures gray water (water from showers and hand-washing) and then uses that water to flush toilets.

The black water (water from the toilet) is then carried to a wastewater treatment plant on-site where the waste is separated from the water and the clean water is then used to irrigate a forest plot.

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