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WiFi and Electricity

Wireless Internet Connectivity (Wi-Fi)

Free Wi-Fi internet access is provided across much of the Summit Bechtel Reserve property. Coverage areas include base camps, participant tent locations, program areas, and administrative centers. Wi-Fi coverage is also available throughout Scott Summit Center, Action Point, AT&T Stadium, World Point, and other activity sites.

To connect, simply join the “attwifi” network and accept the terms displayed.

Cellular Data and Mobile Phones

Cellular 4G LTE service provided by AT&T is available across the jamboree site. This service fills in the gaps when Wi-Fi is not available. Verizon Wireless also provides coverage in the Scott Summit Center area. If you are not from the United States, consult your home cellular provider to determine the cost and availability of international cellular roaming. Phone sales kiosks, where less expensive cell phones and SIM cards can be purchased, may be available.

Charging Stations and Electrical Outlets

We want to keep your adventure powered! Charging stations for cell phones, tablets, and portable computers are located across the Jamboree site. Near subcamps and your favorite activities, 48 AT&T charging stations will be available to charge your various devices. These stand-alone stations can charge dozens of devices at once!

Standard plug outlets are available at orange power stations near your unit campsites, program areas, and other jamboree facilities. The centers of these power stations are HIGH VOLTAGE boxes and are NOT for personal use. However, on the sides of these orange power stations are normal black/gray 120-volt 4-quad outlets that can be used by anyone. Feel free to plug in there.

Remember, extension cords are PROHIBITED unless being used for motorized wheelchair recharging or other special needs. Misuse of extension cords will result in their confiscation. Also, shower house outlets should not be used because wet conditions may cause harm.


  • The power plugs and sockets in North America are types A and B. The standard voltage is 120 V, and the standard frequency is 60 Hz.
  • If you find a lost device, turn it in to any base camp / subcamp headquarters or a passing steward.
  • The Summit Bechtel Reserve uses solar power, but we also encourage you to consider bringing your own solar charger to the jamboree!

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