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Do you know how is it when you are so excited that you will be on the event of your dreams and than something that you don’t have power to change ruin it?
Yeah, so, scouts don’t know that.
Try to imagine group of people (9), all from 4 different countries.
They’ve just started their trip to the one of the most important events of their scouts’ lives, WORLD SCOUT JAMBOREE.
Bosnians, Macedonians, Montenegrians and Bulgarians have just arrived to the JFK airport in the New York City.
Happy that we’re alive after the most boring 10-hours flight from Belgrade (Serbia) to NYC, we found out that our connected flight to Charlotte is canceled and rebooked for tomorrow’s one.
Charlotte we hate you, but we hate weather even more!


Our first thought was that we won’t be able to attend on the Opening Ceremony, that we won’t be able to take our flags on the stage , and that we won’t have that kind of memory to remember.
Thanks God that thought lasted just for two minutes, because we know that we don’t want to let that little-big thing ruin our JAMBOREE and once-in-a-lifetime experience. So we let the New Yourk City’s sky to cry for us. haha

But when we found out that our next flight is for 24 hours and we don’t have place to sleep, that was the REAL problem.
But only for 5 minutes.

We figured out few places to stay over the night:
1. Central Park
2. Mannhattan
3. Brooklyn
4. JFK airport
(from the most to least wanted)

It would be such a great experience to spend a night in New York on our own, but we had 2 problems:
1. Our bags weighed about 18 kilograms each
2. Our leader and our parents would come to New York and bring us back home, and we didn’t want that
(And it was raining, but that is not the big one for scouts :))

So we had to spend night in the hotel near the airport. So, so, sad.

Hah, I’m kidding.
It was such a blessing to have a bathroom to use and to sleep on the bed and not tree.

We didn’t make the Opening Ceremony, but we had a great time experience in New York, got to know all terminals on the JFK.
If you ever plan to fly to New York, on JFK, feel free to call me if you have any problems in orientating there. :”’)

But the most important thing is that we have arrived on the Jamboree. Yes, it was 2 days later than others, but we still had great time, and also we are having the most amazing time on the WORLD SCOUT JAMBOREE so far.



How was your trip to the World Scout Jamboree?
Let me know, mail me on [email protected]!
Hope you all have lovely time wherever you are,

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