Moikka! (Hello!)

Today we had this cultural day. It means that every subcamp had something to do or eat or see from their home country, and the other scouts could come there to learn and get new experiences. With my group we had traditional finnish things. We had salmiakki tasting and santa claus, and you could also try to throw the unbreakable phone, Nokia 3310. I was keeping a quiz about Finland, and it was very interesting to hear, what the foreigner people thought about Finland!

After lunch, it was my time to go wander around the tent city. I visited at many subcamps and got to try different things. I danced spanish dances, threw american football, tried the mexican cocadas and drank argentinian tea. I really enjoyed the day, and learned so much new! I actually got to know some things about Finland too that I didn’t know before.

I think this whole day was about getting to know other cultures and making friends from all over the world. In finnish scout pledge we promise to “rakentaa ystävyyttä yli rajojen”, which means to build friendship over the borders. I think I mastered that task today!

At the evening we had this unity show, which was super great! I almost lost my voice, because at the end we had these Brodway stars singing songs from Disney-musicals. And well, of course I needed to sing along!

– Aada

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