Yona, the big bear mascot from WSJ 2019, is not one to just look. He is always around the participants and enjoys the program with them. Yesterday, Yona spent the afternoon at the West End and saw everything that the program had to offer.

A lot of activities are happening at the the Living in the 21st Century tents. Everything from flying a drone, to trying out electrical bikes, and driving simulators. Yona loved trying out different things and seeing everything. The program has something for everybody – it is both educational and interactive. “YONA especially loved the tent with the robotics, he was fascinated by it”, told us the Rover, who looks after YONA.

The participants also loved YONA visiting, because they could see the big bear in person, take photos together, and get hugs. In addition to that, YONA wears a Novus checkpoint and people are keen to Click with the bear to earn points.

Make sure to look out for Yona while walking around the Jamboree!

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