The world scout jamboree,what is it? What does it stand for? What is it’s purpose,main agenda? If you ask me well I say it’s fun, fun and fun. The jamboree gives scouts,and scouting a once In a lifetime opportunity to meet with other scouts not only in your country but also in your continent and the world at large. The Kenyan scout association has over one point six million registered scouts and only twenty six were selected out of outstanding character and great academic excellence (I’m not saying that all the other are indiscipline as all scouts have an amazing character) probably our numbers will double or triple in the next jamboree at Korea.We arrived just after the opening ceremony.I was so disappointed by this but through friends,whom I just made on that day I saw the Video Oh what a site to behold I think tens probably hundreds of drones filled
The West Virginia sky making scout symbols indicating our unity the scout unity.
A part of the Kenyan continent team

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