Day #2

Night number 2 was a lot better than the first night, the reason of this is that we were not prepare for the cold, so it was like a lesson to remember always be prepare, it was a lot better, later we take breakfast, we eat some delicious beans, eggs and some meat.

With my patrol we listed some activities for the day but one unique activity present us, our Camp A was having a trip to Mount Jack, at first point it was like, Nah we are not going because we are going to make our activities but later was like, this could be a very good experience and a unique opportunity so let’s go, we began with my contingent, like 20 people, I am not going to lie you, it was beautiful landscape, it was like a paradise, with that word you can said it all. Eventually we get to the top and take some photos, drink some water, make some friends, there were a ton of activities up there, we didn’t know with what begin, this place was very particular, it was like a travel in time into the frontier time of the United States, there we very unique activities like; throwing axes, make fire with flint and steel, basic campenter, it was pretty fun, we went to the blacksmith and put a beautiful design to our caps, now they look awesome. Later that day we head down and eat lunch and we had a mission, search for the best blanket for the cold, we began our research at the first trade center, the one that is near Camp B(we were looking also for some sweaters for my brothers, they did bring them), we get the sweaters at first trading post but… no blanket.

We make a patrol reunion to decide how to get them, at the end we splitted, it was like very sad, like 20 min later, my friends and I were lost, literally we didn’t know where we are, is just amazing how big is, later like walking other 20 min we head to the second trading post, they were sold out, we began walking again and we get lost again, it was very funny because one of my friends have a injury and he can’t walk that much. To not making it long, we get lost like 3 hours more and then get to the camp right to sleep. That’s all for this day. I will put more photos later.

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