Day #3


This day I can call it my favorite by far, I was with very awesome people, I just have a lot of fun in day #3 of this beautiful jamboree.

At the morning just woke up like 7am to take a good breakfast, we were just like seconds to go to do our activities but there was a problem, we were too close to our finland friends so we have to move our tends, we spend like 3 hours moving pur things because my friends were fighting about where we are going to put that tends, we move the position like a hundred times, it was like a very exhausting to move that tends. That was like the worst part because we lost a lot of time making that but… but it was very fun see my partners fight against among them.

At that time was like 12 pm so we began walking to make some activities, that will be the first activity that as patrol we make, we just find some Chilenos and make some activities with them, we went to kayaks, my brother just flip 3 times in a row, it was very funny, he had his headphones in his bag, they get broken.

Later we make that we arrive to the camp like 3 hours later, like at 3pm, that day I was very excited because I will be having dinner with Rēitseal, the Ireland Ambassador, she is just a very nice person, I felt very comfortable there, they make a delicious dinner, was pasta with chicken sauce, we talk like for 2 hours about everything, school, food, thoughts, scouts in their country, what we want to study and that was with all her friends, they were so friendly, it was the best activity by far, at the end we trade neckershifts and grupo neckershifts, as I just say you, it was the best activity by far. Was the best day in the Jamboree by far. Just wait for what we do in the fourth day, was awesome.

See you.


The Best Day of the Jamboree

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