Day #1 07/23/2019


My name is Mario Vasquez, I am a proud Honduran citizen, I am also a proud scout and I am here to show you how beautiful can be the biggest scout event in all the world, also to motivate you to go to the next one, by the way, this is my first Jamboree, so just imagine my excitement writing this. First of all I can tell you that is a unique experience because you will be with scouts around the world, can you believe it?! There are many possibilities, many places, many cultures, many people, many activities, that you would wish that you have more time to stay here. It could be my second day but I have made many things and I am excited because all the day the thing that is in my head was the things that I will make the next day and on and on.

My first and I think will in my top 3 of  best activities in all the Jamboree was the open show, was like a combination of emotions because I felt amazed, happy, excited, fascinated, joyful and many others, this was because there is about 45,000 scouts in this event, as I was telling you, imagine all the friendships that you can make. As you already know I am the ambassador of my country so I have the honor to carry the flag, to be brief they reunited us so we can practice and give us the pole and the flag. I meet many people after that, like Miguel, Camila, Daniel and so on, I have some friends that will stay with me at the first part of the event, I will put some photos then, you will love them, will be brief because I like images to talk for me. Returning to the open show I was very nervous because I will be carrying my country flag, they aline us, and prepare us, while we where doing the only thing that I saw was the quantity of people that where coming. We head down and all countries were screaming and very happy because they saw their flag, we pass in front to wave it. Was a really good experience, later they sent us with put contingent, my leader was lost so I spend like 30min. alone. Was a party at my contingent, there was Bear Grylls, awesome ceremony masters, we had a band( was a very unique band). It was a very beautiful experience. Stay updated to see more, tomorrow I will post more of this adventure.

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