Earlier today, 23 July 2019, a brand new sculpture was unveiled to commemorate the 24th World Scout Jamboree.

The sculpture depicts 7 colored ribbons reaching around the global symbol of the Scouting Movement, the fleur de lis. It was based on the logo for this World Scout Jamboree. Scott Sorrells, Co-Chairman of the World Scout Jamboree, said “The ribbons represent the colors of our co-host nations reaching out to welcome the world of Scouting to the United States.”

The sculpture was commissioned by the BSA and sculpted by the company Vandalia Bronze. The lead sculptor in charge of this project is Jamie Lester, who said “It’s always great to get the opportunity to create something new, something really exciting. This has been a really fun project which has pushed us in a lot of different directions.”

The sculpture is temporarily situated between the Summit Centre and the Rex Tillerson training building in the Centro Mondial. A more permanent home at the summit will be found after the jamboree has ended. The sculpture sits at 2.1 m (7 ft) tall and weighs about 410 kg (900 pounds).

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