Across the entire site, there are these weird wooden octagons. These are GaGa pits. GaGa is a game, a bit like dodgeball, and is very popular here in the United States. It is a great way to have fun and make friends, without wandering too far from your campsites!

How to Play:
The game starts with players chanting “Ga… Ga… Ball!” Someone starts the game by throwing the ball up in the air and hitting it. Players hit the ball with their hands towards one another. If it hits the leg of a player (under the waist), then she/he is out. If a player hits the ball out of the pit, then that player is out. It is fun and simple!

The Rules:

  • The game must start with all players touching the outside of the pit
  • Maximum number of players is 8
  • Balls must be hit with an open palm or closed fist. If you catch or throw the ball, you are out.
  • If the ball hits your leg, even if it has bounced or touched the side, you are out.

There are GaGa pits at every SubCamp. Balls can be found at the SubCamp HQs. Playing with new people or those who speak other languages makes it even more fun! Share pictures and videos using #WSJ2019 – show friends and family all the fun you are having!

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