Hello, salut , hola.

Yesterday I talk about the second day of the jamboree and about the Open Ceremony too, but i woke up yesterday and I thought ”yesterday was the best day of my life” and it was, but I had to make this day better that yesterday, so I do.


First I woke up and prepared the breakfast we ate pancakes and burgers and then I took a shower. We cleaned all and start walking to Brownsea Island.




While we were walking to Brownsea Island we met a man , a superman it was Michael Baden powel and it was amazing. I took a video about a message that he has for all the scouts and I can say that his words inspired me because he is a man with a lot of experience in the movement, and he’s so wise so her message is something that I’ll remember for all my life because I love the movement and he’s an important part of it so that message will be so important to me in my life.


Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of this moment 🙁 .


Then we met BP me and my troop make two groups, the firstone will have 6 persons and the second one 7, i was on the group that has 6 persons and we took a bus to the place of the bows and we dot a training of how to use a bow and those thighs, then we played a game right there.


Then I walk to the headquarters of the global ambassadors and made my daily blog, i took a photo of some friends working and a photo of two of my friends , one of Colombia and the other one of Mexico.


Yesterday I met a lot of people from a lot of countries and I’ll put photos of the people I met.


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