My name is June and I’m the Global Ambassador for Luxembourg. I was asked to blog about my life and my experience on the World Scout Jamboree. I can only say one word: WOW. I heard a lot about how the Jamboree works and how amazing it is, but I have never imagined it would be like this. Everyone is so full of energy and excitement, it is overwhelming.
In the morning all the Global Ambassadors reunited and got a briefing.
Afterwards I inspected the amazing camp site and spoke to numerous people. I even traded my scarves, now I have one from Columbia and one from Chile.
In the afternoon all the Global Ambassadors reunited again for the opening ceremony. We were the confused but smiling people walking around with all of the flags. We got the flag of our country and after a little bit of  our moment to shine came. My absolute highlight was the outstanding performance of Lebo M. It was absolutely mad to stand in front of 47000 scouts cheering and screaming. I spoke to so many different nations I can nearly keep track.

I am glad to have the opportunity to call myself a Global Ambassador and I hope my blogs are kinda entertaining.
See ya later alygator.

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