Jamborees give us a chance to celebrate and show the world the best of Scouting, and what can be achieved with multicultural and global cooperation. They bring together young people from the most diverse communities on our planet to live in a community of peace and learning – a beacon of hope for our world and an example to all of the power of Scouting and the good sense of young people.

However, Jamborees only happen with the support of outstanding and selfless adults, whether they are leaders of Units, Contingent Management Teams or International Service Team members. I would urge you to do all you can to seek and support the most outstanding adults from your National Scout Organization to attend. Of course, they need to have the ‘servant leadership’ attitude of Scouting leaders, but beyond that, they just need the passion and energy to help young people make the most of the Jamboree.

I am also very excited to see the Season of Service initiative gathering momentum. It will be great to see Scouts around the world joining together to ensure the Jamboree has a truly global impact. What a difference we will make with 500,000 hours of community service!  What change to do you want to see? I hope we will all get involved and play an active part in creating a better world.


I am looking forward to seeing you at the World Scout Jamboree in 2019.


Ahmad Alhendawi – Secretary General


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