It’s the first day; now that every scout has arrived we could jump into this amazing experience in the best possible way!

I chose to take a tour around the place to get a better idea of how things work in this enormous and absurdly fun place! We were divided in subcamps with lots of people from very diverse countries, this is an amazing opportunity to make new friends while you wait to have dinner or rest a little in your troop campsite because if you walk to any direction you can meet a new culture, new people and even get invited to join another troop during dinner.

  • It made me very happy to see all those tents organized, with beautiful colors and I felt so greatful to be a neighbor to the whole world!

I also took a walk to the big stage, close to the very center where everyone was walking. The people looked so colorful and happy, I could see their eyes glowing while swapping badges and neckerchiefs.

I walked to a place where are all the FOOD HOUSES from all over the world which are “restaurants” with the most typical foods from each country and sometimes they put some music on and you can enjoy a good time and talk with the scouts who work there about their countries and cultures.

A very important part of the day was the opening show and the wonderful jamboree team made sure to have all the countries represented and announced with a flag show one by one.

Scouting brings us all together; makes the world one for us to share and take together; makes love the only language necessary for us to understand each other!

It has just started and we have so much more to live!








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