At 7 oclock i woke up. First i showerd. And no, not with warm water, but with cold water and you we have to pull a rope the whole time, otherwise we wont get water. After showering i had to set the table. We had breakfast and we washed the dishes. After this we packes our backpacks and at half past 10 we went walking. We were going to scubadive, which was near our subcamp, so we just had to walk 15 minutes.
At every activity you have to wait (mostley) a long time. We stand in a row for about 30 minutes. After that we changed clothes and had to stand in a row again for 30 minutes. We had to shower and got a lot of information about the do’s and dont’s of scubadiving. We went into the water and got our equipment. We dived for 20 minutes, which wasn’t very long, but long enough. We danced into the water, threw a ball over underwater and swam. It was amazing and we had the time of our live. After that we got a badge and went to another activities. We wanted to zip and saw on the app that we

had to wait. We walked to the zipline and told us the zip was full for the whole day….

We decided to lunch in the shadow and went to the busstop, where we had to walk to for 15 minutes. We went to the barrels, where you can shoot. We wanted to shoot with a rifle. We got a short briefing in general and for the rifle. We waited again for a while and finally we haf to shoot. Everyone got 10 bullets, which you may shoot. It was very overwhelming, but also very cool, because in the Netherlands there is a ban on it. After i think, 20 minutes, we had to go and went to the busstop. We waited (again) and went back to our subcamp…
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