Contingents from all over the world flocked the Summit Bechtel Reserve- one of which was my country, Malaysia. However, the 30 hour long journey to get to site was tremendously exhausting; not to mention, we had to set up our equipment and we were warned that a forthcoming storm was coming. The haste of rush against time was pushing all the fatigue to their limits. But, bless the Lord for our neighborliness contingent – the Chicago Americans offered to help. They helped with the setting up of our gears, as well as getting food donations from other neighboring contingents, so we wouldn’t go to sleep starving. 


Because of this, as hospitable Malaysians we had to say thank you in our own way- having a dinner which brings us close to home. Therefore, both youth leaderships decided to hold a dinner together, where we could both learn about our cultures as well as begin the becoming of friends. The Americans made a traditional western meal of burgers, whereas the Malaysians made fried rice, chi ku teh- a soup, and a warm barley drink. This dinner was one of the most memorable dinners I’ve ever had, with scouts from both sides, initiating conversations to being a good friendship. 


It truly did bring out the hospitality of scouts, and it definitely shows what a jamboree is all about. It’s not about the badges, or the trades we make, it’s about the friendships we build along the way, that could potentially help in the forthcoming future of scouts from all walks of life. With that, I realized I unlocked a new world; a world of the hospitable, kind, and most importantly a world of well built friendships. 

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