Yesterday at the summit the first thing I had to do was go to the Global Ambassador Orientation. On the way over, I ran into several global ambassadors that were lost while trying to find the meeting. During the meeting we went over what the Global Ambassador program has to offer. We also had a training for the social media use.

As a Global Ambassador you can have early access to several activities at camp such as Big Zip, Water Reality (an obstacle course in the lake, sort of like Wipeout), and others.

Next me and the ambassadors from Portugal, Greece, and Guatemala walked together back to our camp. We accidentally took a wrong turn but ended up running into other scouts and got to know them. 

Then we finally found our way back to camp!!!

Despite our little detour, we embraced it and did so by introducing ourselves to new people etc. 

Finally, the opening ceremony had come. Each ambassador holds a flag representing their country. Some contingents such as the USA have multiple ambassadors so only one will be able to hold the USA flag. I held the Tajikistan flag. The flag bearers paraded around the whole stadium. Then we had our moment to shine on the jumbo tron when our country’s name was called. 

After the parade, the concert started. The Recycled Percussion band was my favorite. They created their own music using different materials. For example they used blenders to recreate a song. Their creativity and originality stuck our to me.

Yesterday was so much fun and I can’t wait for even more to come 


Thank You,
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