What a busy couple of days! The World Scout Jamboree has so much to offer and so much time to get through it all! As of now, my badge/neckerchief collection has grown significantly since the start. Some of the countries, whose items I have recently traded for include: South Korea, Ireland, Nicaragua, France, Switzerland, Chile, Costa Rica, etc… Gotten so many more signatures for my signed neckerchief as well. Trading for my friends and I went well into the night as you can see in the photo below, where we traded with scouts from Ecuador.

I touched on this in my last post, but today I have gotten an even greater grasp on the cultural and dialect differences between countries. For example, I learned that while scouts in the US have what they call “neckerchief slides”, but most other countries, including Canada especially, call them “woggles”. Many countries call neckerchiefs “neckers” instead, but scouts from Australia don’t like that name in particular since in their dialect it is the equivalent of a “noose”. These little differences even within the same language highlight just how powerful it can be to find out just how similar, yet unique all the scouts at this year’s World Scout Jamboree are!

Over my time I have also collected tons of video clips that I can’t wait to share with all of you, but I am working hard to compile them into a clean and professional format, so it may be a while, or even after the jamboree, before they are posted.

If you want to see those when they come out, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel: Zytopian!

Myself and Trevor (Middle) from the United States meeting with various scouts from Ecuador late into the night.

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