My name is Aaron Arenas and I’m from Aruba, One Happy Island 🌴
First of all I’m really honored to be the Global Ambassador for Aruba, because we are a small island with 34 participants and leaders in the biggest World Scout Jamboree ever! 🎉
Today on the 23rd of July I went to the orientation of the Global Ambassadors program and I met my awesome group (A) and it was really nice to meet awesome other Global Ambassadors. After that we went training for carry the flag of our country and for me that was the best part of the day! Basically A dream come true for me because this is the only chance I have to participate at a World Scout Jamboree before turning 18 at waving my Aruban flag was the best feeling in front of 40,000 people and 150+ countries! 🤩
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