Introducing Troop Food Markets

The Troop Food Market approach offers jamboree units a real choice of what they make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, because they can choose their own food each time they shop. This also makes it easier to accommodate Scouts and leaders in each unit with different dietary needs and preferences.

Units will shop for all their meals at one of several Troop Food Markets located throughout the jamboree site. There will be at least one Troop Food Market in each base camp, strategically located to reduce the hike to the store. All Troop Food Markets will have the same items. The shopping hours for all Troop Food Markets are 5:30am-8:30am for breakfast and lunch shopping and 3:00pm-7:00pm for dinner shopping. These hours will be adjusted on Arrival Day, Departure Day, and all Show Days.

Each troop plans all of its own meals based on what the troop chooses to buy in the Troop Food Markets. Units may use the official Jamboree Cookbook that contains sample menus and instructions for many possible meals a unit might wish to make. These sample menus may prove helpful to units, but they are only suggestions of possible meals a unit may wish to prepare.

Sample Cookbooks, Shopping Lists, and Store Inventories:

As units begin the planning process, consider that it is not necessary for a everyone in a unit to eat the same meal. Allowances can and should be made for medical, religious, or other reasons. However, note the unit kitchen equipment issued is designed for troop cooking (40 persons) and is not easily equally divisible by four for patrol cooking (10 person) if you want to try to make more than one meal at once. Unit leaders should consider how best to accommodate different meal needs with the equipment provided in a reasonable amount of time.

Buying Food at the Troop Food Markets

Each item stocked in the Jamboree Troop Food Markets will have a point value assigned to it. Each unit will receive a set number of points to spend, like currency, each day of the Jamboree. The points are “per troop site” (not “per person”) and “for 1 day” (not “for the entire jamboree”). The points amount will be replenished to the starting amount every day at 9:00am.

Units will assign Scouts to shop for food each day. These Scouts will bring their shopping list, shopping pass for their assigned store, wagon, and a smart device with the Jamboree Grubmaster App (ideally) to their assigned Food Market during the appropriate hours. Using the Grubmaster App, Scouts will check in to their market; scan the items they wish to purchase; and check out their purchases. If a unit cannot provide their shoppers with a smart device with the Grubmaster App, the staff at the Troop Food Market will check out the unit’s food purchases. Once the Scouts have checked out, they should return to their site promptly and prepare their meal.

Just as one finds at a real grocery store, there may be times that product in the Troop Food Market runs out. We will make every effort to keep all items in stock in all stores, however there is no guarantee that every item will be available at all times. If items are out of stock, other items should be selected by the unit to make a different meal or variation of a meal planned for that day.

Arrival Day Shopping

The first meal that units will shop for is dinner on arrival day. On arrival day, the Troop Food Markets will be open from 9:00am to 7:00pm. Scouts asked to shop this first time should take a smart device with the Grubmaster App already loaded on it, the issued wagon, and the unit’s ‘shopping pass’ (which will be in the registration packet received as they arrive on site) with them.

Morning Shopping for Breakfast and Lunch

Troop Food Markets will open daily at 5:30am for breakfast and lunch shopping and remain open until 8:30am, or such time shortly thereafter as the final shoppers exit the store. Units should plan their shopping time carefully since Scouts may have to leave for program or other activities and have time to prepare and eat breakfast before then.

As part of the daily breakfast shopping, units need to purchase components for Scouts to build their own Summit2Go lunches that consist entirely of non-perishable and shelf-stable products that Scouts and leaders will pack to take with them to the various daily activities. These items will be stocked and sold in unit-sized boxes that allow for multiple choices of items by the troop in the creation of their lunch meal menu. After breakfast, Scouts should assemble their individual lunches from the components the troop selected and purchased. Each Scout should be offered the opportunity to take the items available for that day’s lunch, but naturally may choose not to do so if an item isn’t desired. Scouts will pack their lunch in a re-useable sack brought for that purpose (like a small canvas or plastic tote bag, or perhaps repurposed plastic shopping bags), which has been listed on the items to pack list.

Afternoon Shopping for Dinner

The Troop Food Markets will open daily at 3:00pm for evening meal shopping and remain open until 7:00pm, or such time shortly thereafter as the final shoppers allowed to enter the store finish selecting items and exit the store. It would be wise to shop early to get the greatest selection of items in the store.

Early Dinner Shopping on Show Nights

The Troop Food Markets will be opening for dinner shopping on show nights from 2:30 pm–4:30 pm only. Signs will be posted in the Jamboree Troop Food Markets reminding troops.

Departure Day Breakfast

The Troop Food Markets will be open the morning of departure day from 5:00am-7:00am for units to select items for Scouts to assemble their own breakfast bag to go. Instead of shopping in the traditional way, unit representatives will pass through a line in their assigned Troop Food Market, select the items they wish for their unit from a ‘take what you want, eat what you take’ buffet of shelf stable items.  The points system will not apply during this period, nor will items be scanned at checkout.

Food Staples and Non-Food Staples

Non-food staple items will be distributed to each unit in their troop kit delivered to their site in advance of the jamboree. These items include dish soap, scrub sponges, wiper towels, dish sanitizer and hand sanitizer. These staple items will be sized in quantities appropriate to last the entire Jamboree, and will not normally be replenished unless necessary. These items will not be available for purchase at the Troop Food Market.

Food staples will be continuously available at each of the Troop Food Markets and may be purchased by units anytime they do their regular grocery shopping. Units should consult the item list that the Troop Food Markets intends to stock regularly.

Ice Distribution

Ice will be distributed for the purpose of keeping food cold until it is prepared. Ice will not be issued for the purpose of keeping drink coolers iced without limit. Ice distribution will take place in each subcamp; units have to go to the Troop Food Market to shop for food, and go to their subcamp for ice. Note that there will be no ice for sale or distribution at the Troop Food Markets.

Insulated coolers will be issued as part of the standard equipment to Troops for placing food in storage after pickup and before cooking. Then on a daily basis ice will be issued to the Troops for the purpose of keeping that food cold until it is cooked. Each subcamp will make its own arrangements and publish ice pickup time and procedures.

Helpful Videos

Please consult the following videos for assistance on using unit cooking gear and cleaning up correctly following meals.

Steam Pan Usage

Kitchen Cleanup

Washing Dishes


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