Today I woke up and everyone was sleeping. See, the market opens at 5 am but 5:30 is really early and dark. Today I was going with another ambassador in the big zip, but as global ambassadors we had the opportunity to do that early so we wouldn’t wait in line, and that’s what we did. The big zip was awesome cause you could feel the wind on your face and  admire the view of the lake down below and the sunrise over base camp B. When i got back to my unit, i quicly packed my backpack and we started our way to Mt. Jack. For some reason i haven’t quite understood yet, we took the white trail witch was the longest and most difficult one, but i have to admit that it was beautiful. We were walking through the forest, crossed some small bridges and walked by a lake. When we finally made it to the top, we were really tired but decided to go do the spartan race ’cause we reallly liked the medal you get when you finish. On our way, we crossed over the ”wood rope and spars where some really cool and unique things were made ”the scout way”. The race wasn’t that bad but then it was time for the hike back. When we finally made it to the basecamp we were so tired to do anything so we just sat on the unit tables and fell asleep. After dinner i was so tired that i skiped whatever was on the a-b base camp stage and went to sleep at 9.


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