This day, our whole unit went to visit the Treehouse. I always wanted to see what it looks like when you’re inside because it looks so cool when you’re standing right infront of it.
It is so massive and when you look at it, you can’t help but be impressed.
So we entered and went to see the first storey. We could see all types of insects and learn a lot about the forest and it’s denizens. At one station was a big sign with drawings of some animals and a button right next to it. If we clicked on the button we could hear the different sounds of the animals. I already knew most of them because we have the same animals in Liechtenstein but it was still nice to hear them again. It somehow reminded me a bit of home.
On this floor was also a Video that showed what the purpose of the Treehouse is. For example: all the energy that the Treehouse uses is only  gained by the power of sun (solar). This fact surprised me a lot because the Treehouse is so big. It also only uses rainwater.
We went upstairs were I saw a hornet nest behind glass. I was pretty sure that we once had a hornet nest at home, after I read the info text about it. It says that they don’t sting people which is true. When we had a hornet nest at home we weren’t stung and another pleasing thing about it was that there weren’t any wasps because of the hornets.
My favourite part about the treehouse was the roof. There were plenty rods with little aluminium tags. Everyone could write a promise on it about what they want to do better in the future and attach it on the rods. It was like a commitment to the planet earth.
The Treehouse from the outside.
Some insects that live in the woods.
A hornet nest. Hornets are big but they don’t sting people.
Everyone could promise one thing that they would do better in the future (an ecological thing). We could write it on a tag and attach it at the others.
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