Herre om tre jamboree, each country has Their own neckerchief. It depends on which you have but they all have a value, just like coins or bills. Some are rare and some are more common. Maybe you have one of the rare ones, and if you do you can be lucky to get 2 or 3 neckerchief for one. But it’s all about swapping badge and neckers to get what you like or want. When trading there are some rules of course. Adults can only trade adults, youth can only trade youth, it’s a rule so know one get tricked or ripped off. 


The best spots 


There will always be spots that is better than others. We have the small black market and the big one, but there are also those who sit at the roads. Trading is everywhere. 

  1. Be where people are 
  2. In the shade
  3. Get a table


The small black market is under the bridge there is life a big platform hanging below the bride here is there a lot who passes by to see what there is, mostly 6-20 people are here at the bridge. The big black market, it’s at the Scout visitor center here is the biggest and best spot for trading. Here is more than 60 people at a time! But it varies from 10 to 100 depending on what time you are there. Here is shade, it’s close to two of the main roads and lots of space on the ground or tables. Then there is all the small ones who sit in their camp with their bed showing what they have or close to the main roads in the shade. They sit with a little blanket, towel or necker to show all their badge and other stuff. 

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