Trading is a major part of a participants time at the jamboree, wether it’s bags or badges, tartan or T-shirt’s every one is swapping.


Most countries have contingent bags and labelled kit and if your bags cool you’ll get a lot of attention… even walking down the street you’ll be bombarded with scouts from all over the world wanting to trade theirs for yours.


Many people have goals and have brought extras to swap. I’m trying to get a necker from each of the hosting countries (USA, Mexico, Canada). My friend traded his kilt for an American bag and another spent the best part of an hour trying to negotiate a trade for an Irish necker.


The cultures and flags are often represented in your kit, for example the necker for the USA is lined with stars, the Scottish neckers are a traditional tartan and the Brazilian necker incorporates the colours of their flag and the stars they represent their states on the back.


Last night my patrol and I went on a specific trading mission to try and get some foreign badges and ended up spending most of the night with them. Trading is a great way to get initially speaking to other participants and to learn about other cultures and societies.


Since making a few trades me and many in my unit have stayed in touch with our new friends and plan to meet up or visit each other’s sites on culture day.


Top tips…


-Know the worth of your swaps

Are your trading a beloved memory? How much will you miss it when your gone? Will it be practical or useful on camp or in every day life?


-Make your meeting meaningful

Friends trade, it adds a memory of that person… some of my proudest neckers at home aren’t always impressive but they mean a lot to me, they’re reminders of the fun or friends I’ve had on camp and I would never trade them on.


-Don’t get carried away

Take no for an answer. Don’t be too forceful and be respectful that this is their kit. At the end of the day, it’s just an object… of you don’t get it don’t get annoyed or hurt feelings.


-Enjoy yourself!

This should be fun! Everyone wants to get involved so be inclusive and make the most of your time with others.

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