Hi Jamboree Scouts, I’m Aaron Arenas from the One Happy Island, ARUBA!
On Thursday July 25th at the World Scout Jamboree I went to the Canopy Tour with the Global Ambassador Group and it was so awesome! I actually met two American guys that were at the BSA National Jamboree in 2017 (the jamboree that i went to) there names are Thomas and Kas. After the Canopy we went from tent to tent earning some point and learning about world scout organizations and killer robots! After that they left cause they needed to go the their campsite and I stayed with my leader, Edmira. Me and Edmira went to the Joe Crafton shooting and met some awesome scouts while we were waiting in line. We learned so much about hunting and shooting. My father is Colombian, so when I was walking I saw some Colombians training for their Cultural Day and I took a picture with them too! Moving forward we went at World Point and to the AT&T Stadium to took pictures!
It so nice that everybody ask us : “Where are you guys from?” And we say : “Aruba..” and the SAME reaction of everybody is : “OMG Aruba..so nice!”
And I feel so proud and honored to promote Aruba in the World Scout Jamboree with 45,000+ scouts around the world!
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