During the second day of the camp, after having done the water reality together with other global ambassadors, together with my unit I went to the Centro Cultural; here we were able to visit different stands and tents from various countries, in each of which an activity was proposed concerning themes such as eco-sustainability, food, recycling, national cultures and traditions, technology and disability. I think it is the latter that struck me the most, because through simple, clear and amusing games we were able to partially understand the living of people effected by different pathologies, thus being able to identify ourselves in the shoes of others in order to put an end to discrimination.

Finally the evening ended with a small and cheerful party reserved for subfield A and B … that to say music is and always will be an instrument of union, peace and joy, even among boys from completely opposite cultures.
“One day even the war will bow to the sound of a guitar”

-Jim Morrison

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