Today after our breakfast Justus from my unit Leibniz asked me if I would like to be part of his Water Reality team because you have to apply at least as a group of fou   r people. I have already lost my voice and feel that I’ll be sick when I come home, but I also want to enjoy the last days of the Jambo so I decided to go for it. Anne and Anna of my unit also went with us.

We were at the line at 10:30am and started waiting. We took a picture as we waited to do a “before and after” picture 😉

We got a life jacket and a helmet to protect us from sores. I did a picture with the equipment because it looks kind of funny 🙂

As we finally got through the line, the life guards got everybody out of the water because of a big darf cloud in the sky. They said that we should wait at least 30 minutes because if it starts to rain we have to be safe.

After ten minutes it started to rain so everyone panicked and we got fast out of the line. At the exit we got a coin to come back in the next few days and not wait too long because we already did wait for two hours.

We went back to our tents and I’m sure that we’ll do it soon and I’ll blog about it 🙂

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