How on earth can THE WORLD SCOUT JAMBOREE ever dissapoint? Never. How can they prove that?
Several brilliant cultures and faiths presenting their awesomeness.
I was sat down with most of my contingent friends, we found space at the very front of the stage, where the speakers were. We sat slumped and dying of laughter like tired hippies, waiting for excitement. It was family.
As the show progressed, lights blurred into an infinite array of soft colors. Great speakers came up unto the stage to present their brilliance and effort in the scout effort. A camera shifted to scouts presenting faiths and cultures creatively and openly, and the welcome was loud and joyful.
The second the screens on stage filled out Broadway signs, the real inner excitement began. I felt the internal screaming of my friends as our favourite Disney Theatre singers walked out like legends, and sang like legends too. A lively night of The Lion King, Mary Poppins, Newsies, Tarzan, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and so much more.
Our NOVUSes were programmed to generate colored lights and when a certain song began, the infinite crowd of a little less than 45,000 people glowed red like a sea of flames, and cheers.
 It was cosy, yet crowded. It was a night of community, and it was bind-boggling to comprehend the amount of fellow scouts I was surrounded by that night. Singing, dancing, and tripping into a fit of laughs. That night was brilliant and colorful. Yet again, a day to never forget.
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