Hi! I’m Jasmijn and I’m one of the Global Ambassadors of the Netherlands! The upcoming ten days, I will report my days at the World Scout Jamboree. In this first post, I’m going to tell you about the Summit Bechtel Reserve; what does it look like? Where do we sleep? And where can we eat?

First of all, our campsites: there are 6 subcamps. Alfa till foxtrot. Every subcamp has a color, the tents are in this color. I’m in subcamp Foxtrot, which has the color yellow. It’s far away from all activities and other subcamps. At the camps, it’s very cozy. There are scouts everywhere and everyone says hi to each other and eventually wants to swap.


Second, the food. There are at some point foodhouses. Here you can buy typical food of a country. There are foodhouses from Holland, Brazil, The United Kingdom, German and many more. It’s always very busy at the foodhouses.

Luckily everyone is talking to each other, when they are waiting in a row, which is very nice,


Near subcamp A and B, there is a huge bridge. When I saw the bridge for the first time, I was very surprised. There are two paths. One is just a straight bridge and the other with the other you can stand above the bridge, which gave you a nice overview of subcamp A and B


Finally, you have the activities. These activities are at a huge terrain. There from shooting to paddle boarding to climb. Everything is so impressive, but nice. You can go to every activity you want!

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