So I want to thank all the Global Ambassador team for giving me the chance to share my stories. I got to say goodbye to all the other ambassador’s in the cerimony. I wont forget all the friendships I made there and the people I met.

Going to Jamboree, learning so many new things about so many places, some I had never heard about before. It hurts to think it’s over. Running away from the storm but having to hug a friend because she’s scared. Having to be careful because of the bears but having a funny video of one trying to steal food. Getting sick with high fever but spending the night drinking hot chocolate and talking to friends.
I always say. The best camps are the ones that went wrong, because it’s when things don’t go as planned that you have a story to tell.

It’s when you’re in a though situation that you create a bond with someone, and the fact that there are so many stories to tell. Cool stories with happy endings, tell’s me that Jamboree went wrong in the best way possible.
Shoutout to my troup leader Filipe for making sure nothing went wrong in the worst way possible and always being there for our unit, you’re a cool dude.Now you, the reader, the person who’s thinking about going to the next Jamboo. Don’t think. Go. There is no such thing as too shy, or anxious or bad at english or anything else in here. There is no such thing as not accepting someone here. Because this all camp was not just about unlocking a new world. It was about how you do it.

How you overcome everything that has been stopping you and do it. It was about doing stuff you never thought you’d do, talking to people you never thought you’d talk to. Not because you didn’t want to, but you never thought you’d had a chance. Well you got it, so grab it.

I don’t think I have ever cried as much as I did in the closing ceremony. The ceremony itself was amazing and I felt like it wasnt real. And being there with my unit, knowing it was the end, the last time I would be dancing with them in that big camp, well that didn’t help either.

So before I go I want to give my final thanks to my troup. Thank you guys for giving me the experience of a lifetime and thanks to the leaders for helping providing it.
I can’t express how grateful I am for everything and everyone.
Can’t wait to see how the next Jamboree will be.

Matilde Murta









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