“Almost Heaven West Virginia” as says the song of late John

Its along way from home that the Mauritian Contingent has travelled to West
Virginia to attend the 24th WSJ and that with the BP spirit guiding them all the
way through our contingent is built up of 137 , including 17 IST ,youth
participants and leaders .We left in two groups in different flights, both going
through France Charles De Gaules airport and reaching USA 9 hrs later.

Many of us are at our first visit to USA , and were amazed to see these scenic
and historical places in this part of the country, which we are acquainted to
see in films. These photos, videos and comments have reached many dwellings
in Mauritius .Paying tribute to communication technology, Mauritian Parents
and friends are comfortable with the safety and well- being of the Scouts in
the USA. Our scouts are motivated despite all the long travel ,fatigues, and
inclement weather .

We have discovered this new world which is a dream for all of us and that is
being realized.

The scouts of other countries whom we have met are very friendly and
courteous and have shared contacts and develop friendship almost
spontaneously .

The activities that are proposed are of great interest to our scouts as many of
them are new to us. We will have to pull on our weights to be able to be at the
expected level.


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