The whole air is buzzing. My feet are hurting from standing. Zoe from Cyprus is standing to my right, both of us holding onto our flagpoles. We’re waiting.


And suddenly the circle of life starts playing and 133 people carrying 133 flags start walking and I’m one of them, carrying the one for Bulgaria. And we walk through the crowd of 46000 people towards the stage and for a moment I cannot believe my eyes.


We stand in front of them, people cheering and taking pictures as we go on, one by one. Someone waves me to the front, Bulgaria is called and I wave the flag for the seven and a half seconds we each have to present each country. After that I take my place in the row of flags. With my hands shaking I look over the crowds of people.


I’m here and we are all glowing and dancing and laughing, 46000 scouts from 133 countries from all over the world. Welcome to the 24th World Scout Jamboree

by Maya Levine


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